Published on December 21st, 2011 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

Mega Man X Now on iOS

It was unbelievable the first time I ever downloaded Street Fighter II to my smartphone. There was no setup time, or blowing the dust off my old console just to play. It was downloaded and ready to go in just a few short moments. My breaks were filled with punches, kicks and electricity. After beating a few opponents, I always made sure I dragon punched a box or two on my way out. That was my way of not letting “the man” keep me down. It wasn’t too long ago when I was just another peon hoping my break wouldn’t be over before I finished the round. A lot has changed since those days of minimum wage, but times have also changed considering the way in which we game on mobile devices. Fortunately, the games have become a lot easier to use—especially from trying to bust moves on that QWERTY keyboard I had.

Devices now are fully touch screen and there is a wide array of games that have been brought back to life on the iOS. Even our favorite hero sportin’ a Mega Buster can now call the App Store home.

With the game being available on a platform that is touchscreen only, there are a few options that will aid in your fightin’ of that mean ol’ Sigma. Such options like auto-fire, auto-charge and auto-ladder latch-on should make it quite a bit easier to adjust to the new set of controls. Players will need these if they plan on going after the boasted 80 challenges that are available via Gamecenter. Other additions include leaderboards to follow online rankings and graphics. Much like other remakes out there, it does feel good that the game is getting more than just updated looks. Now, the only hassle I’ll have is hoping and praying my phone doesn’t die before lunch time.

Here is a look at the updated graphics. Boy, are they swell.

*Make sure to head on over to the iTunes App Store and pickup Mega Man X for the iPhone/iPod Touch for $4.99/£2.99/€3.99/¥450. Click hereto head over to the App Store ‘buster!

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