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Published on November 30th, 2011 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

New R.A.W. (Realms of Ancient War) Screens

Realms of Ancient War, or R.A.W., is the the latest title in development from Wizarbox and Focus Home Interactive. While you may not recognize either of their names as heavy hitters in the big name dev/publishing department, you might recognize a few prior cooperative projects that Wizarbox was apart of. For example, they were the team in partnership with Arkane Studios which brought us Arx Fatalis, one of the most praised RPG’s on the original Xbox/PC. They have also been in partnership with other RPG based games, and now have the honor of bringing that same design to the Xbox LIVE Arcade, PlayStation Network, and right back at home on the PC.

The game classifies itself as a hack’n’slash title, but it also houses quite a few elements from other genres. In R.A.W., we enter a world that has been overrun by looters, thieves and your everyday street scum. The four Kingdoms of Men, Elves, and Dwarves are but shells of a forgotten city. Sound like a good place to take your next vacation? While these may not seem to deviate from the traditional knights and wizards RPG premise, but the threat of overwhelming enemies by the hordes always adds a nice feeling of panic and could throw a wrench in your otherwise subtle decision making scheme. With so much chaos looming it’s dark cloud over the city, Who will spark that much needed light of hope? Will it be the powerful blade of the Warrior, or maybe the powers of the dark Sorcerer? It could even be left to the stealthy moves of the Rogue? It might not even be any of these friends that will aid in your survival.

Players can take on these overwhelming battles alone, or jump into the two player co-op. It is not known at this point if all versions will only house a two player only system, but not having any other stragglers around also means more loot for you to plunder. This is also important as there will be waves and waves of deadly enemies scratching at your back, and of course they will be dropping some nice upgrades and finds .

Something unique about the games power-ups is that they promise to reach the explosive point where they can wipe out a whole mob of goons that are hot on your tail. The various moves of the game have not been thoroughly disclosed, but from the screens we can see some fiery damage that can take down quite the rowdy crowd. The game also promises the use of incarnation, which means that you can take over slain enemies and use their abilities against their own kind.

*Realms of Ancient War is slated for release on PlayStation® Network, Xbox LIVE® Arcade and for download on PC in 2012.

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