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Published on November 21st, 2011 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

Fortune Street Looking to Strike Gold in US Market

Release Date: 12/5/2011
Platform: Nintendo Wii
Developer: Square-Enix

OK, a quick show of hands to anyone that has actually finished a full game of Monopoly? Now, how’s about an honest show of hands if you really did finish the game the way you are supposed to play without all of those quirky homemade rules. I thought so.

There are plenty of exciting options for those of you out there that like to crunch numbers for pleasure, or you are like me and get excited to play, but then about 10 minutes into the game watch as your dismal performance is littered with trips to jail and fees. Well get ready because that same type of formula that made that board game of shooting your wad in a roll of a dice is now being brought over to U.S. shores. The game features a wide array of Nintendo and DRAGON QUEST characters for your pickin’ and pits you against others locally, or over a Wi-Fi connection.

Mario blastin' off to another part of the board.

Fortune Street offers a multiplayer atmosphere where you can literally put up your wits as you wager. The game features over 15 game boards where players can buy, sell, and collect your hard earned cash based on entrepreneurship. There are opportunities to ride the stock market, or purchase shops and collect some major cash advances with that new promotion you have been gunning for. Buying neighboring shops will provide additional funding for players that are unlucky enough to land on your place of business. Strategy hits when players must balance and utilize all of these elements to stack their portfolios and pile up their net worth to win.

From the trailer and screens we can see quite a few interesting and impressive game boards. First sight of the Super Mario NES board caught me off-guard, but left me wanting to see more.

Although the aesthetics of the boards is pleasing, it does make me wonder how American markets will appreciate the “think first/tactical” style of play. With the offerings of some online multiplayer over the a Wi-Fi connection, it does however bring something that most Nintendo titles seem to forget in this day and age. Other than that, it is hard to say how well players will respond to advancing their standings with virtual money in a genre that seems to have quite narrow reach. There are quite a few similarities to titles like Mario Party 8, but without the elements of arcade style 4-player multiplayer which was at the core of the game, it might be lacking that family-game-night finesse.

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