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Published on November 16th, 2011 | by Cameron Woolsey

Bethesda Happy to Announce Skyrim is Successful

Today Bethesda passed a note to me. Inside this note was written that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, by all accounts, is actually pretty popular. And I have a great smile.

Well, it’s true: I do have an awesome smile. And Skyrim has indeed met, and even exceeded, all expectations. The game has garnished over 50 perfect review scores from such sites as IGN, Destructoid and G4TV. Oh, and us as well. The game has sold around half of the 7 million units shipped to shelves and Bethesda expects the game will generate over $450 million in retails sales. Not bad for a game where you wander through a forest shouting at stuff.

“We are grateful for the fans’ response to Skyrim,” said Robert Altman, Chairman and CEO of ZeniMax Media. “Todd Howard and his team at Bethesda Game Studios have crafted a very special game. Anticipation for Skyrim has surpassed any game in our company’s history, and we are pleased that sales and reviews have reflected the quality and hours of amazing gameplay it provides.”

“Without a doubt, this has been our most ambitious project ever,” said Todd Howard, Game Director on Skyrim. “After over three years of development, we’re finally excited to get it into everyone’s hands.”

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out our official 10/10 review of Skyrim written by our very own Derek Strickland: Skyrim Review

He wrote:

Entering the thriving and beautiful world of Skyrim is something that players won’t want to miss out on, and it’s easy to lose hours in the incredible vistas and Nordic cities spanning across the land. With well over 300 hours of available playtime, Skyrim is a title that players can fully lose themselves in and not even scrape the surface of the massive scope of the game.

It truly is an experience that all gamers can behold and enjoy in their own way as it offers full character customization and allows gamers to engage themselves in a historic adventure that will shape the fate of the Empire and all of Tamriel. Skyrim is a feast for the eyes and ears as it brings breathtaking visuals that span across a unique and engaging world, and a musical score that defines the word epic.


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