Published on November 12th, 2011 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

Learn About the “New” Class in PlanetSide 2

Traitors. Rebels. Terrorists.

If you are ready for a first-person-shooter on a continental scale, then get ready to travel to Auraxis and join one of the three factions that makes up PlanetSide 2. Although the New Conglomerate may not be newly introduced to the series, they are still a driving factor in this sequel to PlanetSide.

Players can jump into the role of the Terran Republic, Vanu Sovereignty, or the New Conglomerate. The game also features the addition of a newcomer on the terrain, Nanite Systems.

So, what makes the New Conglomerate different from the other factions? The N.C. lacks the ability to lie down. Instead they build and maintain weapons in order to pack the biggest punch and take a beating. Unfortunately, some vehicles may give up mobility and speed for the efforts of stickin’ it to’em.

At this point, it is still not known whether the title will be a F2P title, but from the information page for the game, it states that it will be available for “PC systems via digital download and retailers worldwide.” Retailers, eh?

PlanetSide 2 is developed by Sony Online Entertainment. Find more on the struggle for power by visiting their official site. Make sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter for all of the latest updates.

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