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Published on November 10th, 2011 | by Ken Yarbrough, Editor

MW3 Developer Begs Users to Pad Metacritic Scores

A few sites, including IGN, have been reporting on a tweet posted by Sledgehammer Games’ Studio Head and Chief Creative Officer Glen Schofield. The tweet in question has since been removed.

“I don’t usually do this but, if u like MW3 go 2 & help our user score,” writes Schofield. “It’s suspiciously low. Be honest but help if u agree.”

Currently on Metacritic the game has the following User ratings:

Xbox 360: 3.2
PS3: 2.3
PC: 1.6

Here’s a thought, Glen: Maybe users ARE being honest? Our very own Kyle Spencer reviewed it, giving it a 6.5/10. Some notable quotes:

“If you wanted more from the series instead of a complete re-hash then you are going to be extremely disappointed. ”

“They used old sound bites from the existing Modern Warfare game and just snipped them into their version.”

“On the other hand MW3 is running on the old Modern Warfare 2 engine, and many of the character models, environments and weapons are dated. It looks like the company took many shortcuts to get the game finished and on store shelves.”

“The game feels rushed and if Activision was smart it would pump the brakes on the franchise before it falls even further but, knowing the track record of the company, get ready to see more re-hashes for the next five years.”

Notice a familiar theme in those snippets? Nine months ago, back in February, I wrote an opinion piece complaining about this exact problem. Now, Activision is begging Call of Duty fans to clean up its mess. While I’m sure some of the user reviews at Metacritic are fanboy rage, it’s unlikely that all of them are. The simple fact remains that Activision continues to churn out the same garbage every year, and doesn’t expect any backlash. The sad part is that the backlash has now caused its developing team members to pathetically beg their users for respite.

Today, Activision, just because I’m feeling benevolent, I’ll offer a friendly piece of advice: If you want good review scores that you don’t have to pay for, just quit being lazy and greedy. Make a better product and it will receive the scores it deserves.

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I'm the guy everyone loves to hate. The resident Devil's Advocate for GAMINGtruth, my words are harsh, my message serious. The gaming industry needs some big changes to keep from destroying itself.

9 Responses to MW3 Developer Begs Users to Pad Metacritic Scores

  1. Tom Miller says:

    Good.  DICE wanted to take the throne of FPS king this year.  In my eyes they always were, but I think they have finally officially taken it.

  2. I think you’re missing the point. The problem isn’t with the publisher; Activision, it’s with the developer:

    The now completely devoid Infinity Ward (who Activision strongly want you to believe still exist) can no longer deliver a game on the quality level of COD4 & MW2. Maybe MW3’s singleplayer and special ops mode can match up to the previous games but the multiplayer is so far behind them in terms of quality it’s not even worth talking about.

    MW3’s multiplayer maps are so poor. Even Black Ops has better map design.

    I think the credits of the SP say it all, not just the logo of Sledgehammer Games at the start of the game.

    It wasn’t only Sledgehammer Games that helped develop the game, also included were Neversoft & Raven Software. I don’t even think Infinity Ward exist anymore.

    I look forward to what Respawn Entertainment (the real Infinity Ward) have to offer, I’m going to sell MW3 and never buy another MW again. I might buy the next Treyarch COD, since that was leaps and bounds about the piece of shit that is MW3.

  3. Cricket Lee says:

    explain to me exactly where he “begged”.

    • Ken says:

      Same as I said to the most recent poster, Cricket.  His tweet starts with “I don’t usually do this”.  You can pretty it up all you want, but that’s begging.  

  4. Guest says:

    I’d assume an “Editor” would know what begging actually is but that just says something about the quality of this site. Maybe next time you should pick up a dictionary before making yourself look like an asshole. 

    • Ken says:

      Just because someone doesn’t physically get on their knees and say “please please please oh please” doesn’t mean they aren’t begging.  

      Maybe YOU should know what begging actually is?  One doesn”t start a statement with “I don’t usually do this” if they don’t want backlash.  He knew he was begging, and so should anyone else.  But thanks for reading. 

  5. SimsOnline says:

    as an apology they should release a mw3 multiplayer crack. they already sold more than enough.

  6. Guest of DOOM! says:

    cod is a great series. no doubt. sure with all the money they make they should be doing much more. like maybe making maps that are not complete trash and make me wanna trade it in. but maybe, ken yarbrough, there are other ways to change the industry back to its former glory than being offensive? maybe.

    also remember all money made at cod xp was given to charity, so cut em some slack.

    that said id give mw3 a 8/10. all the big releases- dead island, rage, deus ex: human revolution, MW3, battlefield 3, crysis 2 and so on were good but could have been so much better. getting skyrim tommorow hope its the game to turn the year around.

    the industry has never been perfect though. if it was masterpieces like system shock 2 & deus ex wouldnt have gone mostly unnoticed. what was the reason for this?

  7. Guest of DOOM! says:

    then again they shouldnt be releasing map packs at $15 either. thats terrible. should be half that. elite service is overpriced too. they better be giving more of that doe to charity

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