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Published on October 29th, 2011 | by Derek Strickland, Contributor

Take On Hordes of Undead in Castle Miner Z

Digital DNA Games, the Independent XNA development team behind a slew of avatar-based Indie titles, has recently announced that their popular voxel-styled block builder Castle Miner will be revamped into a zombie-shooting horror survival experience.

Castle Miner Z–the official title of the upcoming zombie title–will feature FPS action with an open-world feel that gamers can explore and enjoy. No official details have been released, but players may just be able to augment and modify the environments and customize their own worlds, forging and building their very own zombie apocalypse scenario.

Castle Miner Z is coming in 2011, hopefully soon for Halloween–no official release dates have been confirmed. For more information please visit  Castle Miner Z’s official homepage or  Digital DNA’s official website.

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55 Responses to Take On Hordes of Undead in Castle Miner Z

  1. Jerry Toth says:

    I bought the game and it is pretty fun but I don’t like how it’s almost impossible to build a fort on survival mode with out dying. I mean the zombies should not come at day only dark would make it more realistic

  2. Coco Colvin says:

    As much as I love the concept of zombies attacking both at morning and at night, for the sake of the game-play, I agree that zombies should only appear at night. I thought it was cool and exciting at first, but now its just frustrating. Also, I suggest adding more blocks and doors. At the moment, it seems a bit too simple. Not that simple doesn’t have its props, but I think more items to craft and tinker with would make the game appeal to more people.

    • Megadethslayer333 says:

      You can just go to freebuild and it should save right on there, i’ve been building on top of my saved game for about 2 months now, i’m in love with the game. If you guys would like to see all i’ve built my gamertag is MegadethSlayer3. I have built about 5 different castles and I built a bridge all the way from 0 starting point to about 3400 feet…yes…i realize i have too much time on my hands haha

  3. wildworthog says:

    see i agree with the hate of day zombies but i figured it out 2 things one zombie s will come out of the DARKNESS day or night and the only other way for them to spawn outside at the day time is if you move 150 squares or more in one direction in one day otherwise make sure you have got torches and don’t get to adventerous for your own skill level and you will be good if any one would like to play a game or two my xbox live names my user name

    • Jakelusnak says:

      First of all, you can get chests and I think the zombie thing is just lIke what everyone else said and I also think they should have more things

      • Jongorm says:

        First of all, the chests were released in in a recent update, when Jake posted his comment there wasn’t any chests.  Second, I agree that it needs some more things, at least some doors. It would also be nice if they could fix the glitch where my items in free roam don’t save but the blocks I mine are still gone.

  4. bud9000 says:

    i want more gun like a ray gun and more picks and a chest and sky islands and shops and doors and traps like claymores and water and spawners and big bosses like fire zombies and npc that will help you and rpgs and xp and mobs that are good and cars and beds and portals 2 portals to telport and ores and more caves all becuase to make the game great

  5. Markbransley says:

    this game is cool

  6. Hanktappe says:

    Dude that would make the game awesome but I ws just thinking chests to store stuff in and doors and a way for zombies to not spawn in ur house

  7. Hanktappe says:

    Anyone know when the next update is comin out email me at if u do

  8. Aaron Vaneck says:

    i love the game

  9. tylert says:

    hey i heard they are putting in dragons sick!

  10. guest says:

    and also why is it so laggy

  11. Timelater says:


  12. Wantsdoors says:

    DOORS!!!!!!! that’s all I ask for i want a door lol maybe glass but door first

  13. Guest says:

    Need to update the save system please! c:

  14. Josh says:

    Great game. I play for hours every single day. Today in free build, I recovered 50+ diamonds and over 12 Bloodstone guns and picaxes. In case some of you didn’t know, you can build forts and everything in free build and go back to everything later in Survival. So if your having trouble building quickly in Survival, go to free build. It’s easier and you keep your progress. Thank you for reading and add me on Xbox live- SoNiiCxLeGENDz

  15. Mojang says:

    That game makes me sad..

  16. Bennyboro says:

    Can you add beds please it annoys me how long you have to wait…

  17. DeADSenSESS says:

    The game is great and I get very excited at each update, I sincerely hope you will not abandon this project, it has so much potential. I would like to see towns, ncp characters, animals, and a ocean as a biome, I think the blood stone biome should have further use though and undead trees and harvestable lava (same with water). I would also like to see TNT, glass and railway mod so I can hop into a train. I love this game but I would like to see more content from minecraft introduced. The gun system is awesome, but I wouldnt mind being able to make a sword and go into combat. Thanks. – DeADSenSESS

  18. Sukcer says:

    is this on pc?

  19. guest says:

     i think you need to add windows and make it to where you can change your spawn

  20. Danny says:

    Every time I play I lose random items!this glitch needs to be patched I’ve already lost 10000 diamond bullets, all the bloodstone weapons, 2 stacks of diamond walls and god knows what else. Every time I play my stuff disappears. Also my inventory is always filled with random junk I have no use for. This glitch needs to be patched

  21. RubyDuckShovel says:

    update a carbine like the M4 or the masada ACR6.8 or something cooler than da AK.also add beds like pimp beds and when you make a gun gold or bloodstone it should be made out of that material.

  22. homeless shotgun says:

    I agree with Ruby it should have like a sawed-off shotty or a Deagle or a sniper at least

  23. Tymon117 says:

    im just joking but its still good the way it is just needs water

  24. Sde6451 says:

    Fun game I wish there was some kind of vehicle and if they add some kind of funky stuff maybe eventually a tank or helicopter. I love the game just also a elevated or escalater to get in/ out of hell faster

  25. Sde6451 says:

    I meant elavater

  26. Sde6451 says:

    Also maybe a radar to tell where certain things r crystal is just to hard to find

    • Syneios says:

       Crystal? I’m assuming you mean Diamond.. Travel to the distance of 3,000.. Enjoy.

    • Coensgen_88 says:

      what the hell  are crystals ??????????? u mean diamonds??    those are supposed to be hard to find ……………………………… 

  27. Damianstarks says:

    Ther shold be a smart moving mod sprint and some mine carts that roll yes that would be prety cool

  28. Scilf99 says:

    you guys are asking for all the wrong things it needs to be on more systems like pc and ps3 do u no how much more says they would get

  29. Harry-54321 says:

    i want to have things that you can have like upgrading things

  30. Mleeb1968 says:

    Can anyone tell me how to place doors on top of each other.

  31. Coensgen_88 says:

    hey  is there a suggestion box??????????
    i think u guys shuold put grenades   and windows
    in    windows wuld be jus like laterns     wood iron and sand
    grenades cuold be made out of   iron coal  maybe diamonds to make them kinda hard to make or something  like i said i was looking for a sugestion box

  32. Your rmom says:

    I like castle miner its a great game it needs to have water. they have good blocks but you need more. i like how simple it is compared to other games. i also think they should have a mode where you can have any block and its unlimited. idont think this game should have stuff like COD all you nerds out there!!! But i think they should have a sniper like the rifle but with a REAL scope. Pease~

  33. Quicksnipez says:

    i watched my brother play and he is the best at it.he made 2 super huge castles with gigantic basements he pulled 3 all nighters playing that game.he flattened almost everything on the game.he have everything on the game and as much of each you can fit into 6 crates.

  34. Zakery Walker says:

    well if you see skyrim empor 0 give me a nife and il rip them to sheds

  35. awesomeness says:

    hey there are kids here show respect ya it will be cool

  36. Vesel93 says:

    we need the stairs

  37. Spit_fire1997 says:

    can you copy other ppls worlds?

  38. mmorpgfree says:

    Go get a life and buy minecraft

  39. Deine mudda! says:

    THis is fuckin Awesome! :DDD

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