Published on October 27th, 2011 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

Holy Blundering Breadcrumbs! Check out this new Retro City Rampage Trailer

“Oh, thank goodness you are here Ba…..wait…wha?……Biffman?”

That’s right, the latest hero of the crime ridden streets of Theftropolis City is none other than a costume wielding badass. The Player finds yet another way to take out the evil doer “The Jester” in this torturous trailer.

From the short video, we see quite a bit more exploration of the city and some of the storyline to be implemented in the final product. We also see more of the “cinematic scenes” play out and some laughable quirky dialogue that is expected from a game praising tons of former retro titles.

In the case of Retro City Rampage, it proves that at one time in video game history, you didn’t need big flashy graphics and over the top engines pushing your game to fanboy stardom. Although, sometimes it does pay off.


*Retro City Rampage is a top down action adventure game paying tribute to the era of retro in a GTA fashion. Take control of The Player and cause some havoc in the city of infected plumbers and of course, The Jester. Check out all of our other coverage for Retro City Rampage here.

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