Published on October 25th, 2011 | by Derek Strickland, Contributor

House of the Dead: OVERKILL – Extended Cut Double Feature Trailer

SEGA’s newly released game trailer for House of the Dead: OVERKILL – Extended Cut is just like watching a film trailer for an underground 1970’s grindhouse double-feature–complete with the raspy voice of the narrator, the retro movie-reel quality, and of course the gratuitous violence and gore that’s accustomed to any cult classic B-Movie. This trailer retains the signature elements and visual flair associated with the zombie shooter, paying respects to the sexploitation genre with the two bad-ass heroines Varla Guns and Candi Stryper.

The new trailer also reveals two exclusive levels that are jam-packed with wicked zombie shooting action: Naked Terror and Creeping Flesh. Naked Terror pits our two femme fatales in a strip club (where else?) swarming with ravenous flesh-eaters. In Creeping Flesh, our devilishly daring duo face off against freakish undead monsters in a slaughterhouse from hell. Click here to check GT’s coverage of the Creeping Flesh level, complete with screenshots and details.

I personally am enraptured by SEGA’s move to resurrect the gritty grindhouse style, and would love to see more of it in upcoming titles–maybe in another zombie shooter like Left 4 Dead 3?

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The House of the Dead: OVERKILL – Extended Cut is slated for released on October 25, 2011 exclusively for PlayStation 3. For more information please visit the game’s official website.

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