Published on October 21st, 2011 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

Nintendo to Get Hulu Plus Along with System Update

By the end of November, Nintendo promises to give users multiple goodies for their Nintendo 3DS. The update includes access to the streaming television show hub, Hulu Plus, along with a few other video promises. The Nintendo Wii will also reap the benefits of the Hulu upgrade.

The update will also allow up to 10 minutes of 3D video to be recorded onto the device. Other items to be included in the update are new puzzles added to the StreetPass Mii Plaza and a new dungeon in Find Mii. Nintendo also promises to bring Nintendo published titles to the eShop along with more information to come.

Nintendo 3DS continues to evolve with great new features and functions designed to reinforce its position as a premiere entertainment device,” said Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime.

Here are a listing of the Nintendo eShop titles coming to the market:

Freakyforms™: Your Creations, Alive! lets players create creatures and bring them to life. This game is all about creation, customization and exploration. Available in November for $6.99.

Pushmo™ asks players to solve more than 250 puzzles by pulling and pushing blocks. Players can also create their own custom puzzles. Launches in December.

Swapnote™: gives Nintendo 3DS owners the chance to send 3D messages to their friends via the SpotPass™ and StreetPass features. Users can hand-write messages in 3D and also include picture and sound. Available for free download in December.

Dillon’s Rolling Western™: is a 3D tower defense game that blends action and strategy. It features an armadillo who defends an Old West town rendered in 3D by literally rolling over his enemies. Launches in Q1 2012.”

Along with these features, players will also be seeing quite a few more videos added to the 3D video section. Hulu Plus is already a USD 7.99 subscription fee and deals yet another blow to those struggling to keep Netflix afloat in the ever growing struggle of our first world problems. However, adding additional fees for these movies might not go so well with consumers, especially those who felt duped by the abrupt price cut in the price of the handheld console.

There are many other features that the device is lacking, but there is no telling where the newest information and updates will take us. One aspect still might be that more accessible online community that so many of us want. Better SD card features might also need to be implemented with the ever growing expansion of online titles. But, I digress.

Make sure to check your Nintendo 3DS system for the latest updates and news.

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