Published on October 21st, 2011 | by Cameron Woolsey

Hyperkin Products Available at Retail Before the Holidays

Hyperkin, makers of fine gaming gear for both modern and retro gaming alike, has announced that its full line of peripherals will be available at video game and entertainment software retailer Plan N Trade starting November 2011.

Hyperkin provides gaming peripherals to satisfy a wide range of gamer tastes. Modern gamers can pick up gear for all major consoles including handheld systems like the Nintendo 3DS. Hyperkin also supplies a myriad of hardware for retro games for old-school gamers, such as the Retron3, which combines the NES, Super NES and Sega Genesis in one console with wireless controllers. How awesome is that?

“We’re excited to have Hyperkin’s line of peripherals on our shelves,” commented Kris Atwood, Play N Trade’s Vice President of Product. “They provide a high quality product at a price point that our customers will appreciate. It’s a good fit for both our companies.”

“This is a wonderful opportunity for us,” states Leo Saleh, Hyperkin’s National Sales Director. “Play N Trade is one of the most respected and popular retail destinations for gamers and Hyperkin’s presence in their store fronts is an amazing honor. Partnering with Play N Trade is a huge step for us as we continue to improve and expand our brand.”

I’ve dealt with Hyperkin products before and the company produces some impressive stuff. My old-school gamer gift list is full of items that have the Hyperkin logo on them. The company produces handheld devices that can play NES, Super NES and Genesis games as well. Just go to the site and shop around.

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