Published on October 6th, 2011 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

Get ‘Contaminated’ in this new AMY Trailer


A typical survivor horror usually hosts a nice array of weaponry and running for your dear life. The zombies are out to get you and are immediately pitted as your “enemies.” In the case of VectorCell‘s AMY, your worst enemy is simply-yourself.

From what we know, the eight year old child who suffers from Autism,holds the power and key to salvation for Lana and possibly the rest of Silver City. If you missed our previous screens from GamesCom, then check them out here.

The video showcases a few instances that we can really get excited about seeing. For one, the game is a digital only title. The graphics are surely becoming something to stare in awe at. This will surely help in the representation of a city whose population has been infected with the unknown virus that is running rampant through the streets.

The other important elements we see here in the survival horror title, is how important Amy becomes during gameplay. Healing Lana with her “special powers” allows her to not fall victim to the infection. Although the goal of the game is to not ‘totally’ become polluted with the virus, believe it or not, it does have its uses.

We see a short period where the virus aids in the infiltration of a zombie crowd and possible access to a way point. This will definitely keep your controller in a tight bind and players coming back for more in this futuristic outbreak.

*AMY is set to release Fall 2011.

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