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Published on October 4th, 2011 | by Derek Strickland, Contributor

Soar the Heavens in Windhaven: Spirit of Flight

Windhaven is the first game of it’s kind on the Xbox Indies Marketplace, marking a monumental shift in XNA gaming. This upcoming title allows gamers to be a winged avian warrior that soars through the clouds, satisfying one of man’s most wondrous fantasies: to fly in the heavens.

While there are a plethora of zombie shooters, gimmicky Avatar games, and “apps” on the marketplace, this title is the prime example of a flying sim…yet most gamers wouldn’t expect to fly without the aid of a man-made craft. Windhaven focuses on the natural grace of our feathered friends as they swoop and glide in impressive 3-D environments, giving players the sense of really experiencing the majestic wonder of soaring high above the world.

The story mode follows a team of four brave bird-shifters called upon to defend their home against an extradimensional horde. Use varied magical attacks and the island’s defense network to hold back the tide.

Challenge mode tests your aerial skills with racing, soaring and target shooting events. A fully voiced tutorial gets you off to a flying start, while free flight mode lets you brush up your skills and take in the scenery. Finally versus and co-op multiplayer, online and split-screen, will ensure the skies never seem lonely.

Many gamers out there have always wanted a game like this for their library, and there have been attempts in tackling this kind of experience, however Windhaven is the very first (and possibly only) Xbox Indie Game that brings the one-of-a-kind experience to your Xbox 360 console.

Windhaven: Spirit of Flight is coming soon to the Xbox Live Indie Games Marketplace for 400 MSP ($5) and is also planned to be available on PC, yet no release date has been announced for either platform.

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  • HorseLover101

    how can u play this online

  • Jake0223

    so……….is this on pc or just xbox?

    • Anonymous

      Official Site says later this year. How much later can you get, right?

  • Paris Wyber

    can you just play this on xbox

  • Paris Wyber

    lead us to the computer

  • Danni Maguire

     how do i download wind haven is it for pc?

  • Kaylajaderocks

    cant wait

  • Kaylajaderocks

    it looks awesome good job

  • Brianaghrose

    is it for Xbox?

  • R-archer2

    can u gt it in england

  • Sam

    Is a computer game or what???

  • lucy

    found out yea it is a computer game it is for Xbox too, just still tel me when it comes out i swear it is gona be a peaceful and wonderful game.

  • HowlingWolf

    When will it be out for pc???? And were can i download it?

  • thornmand

    Where can I download this game and/or buy it for my Xbox 360?

  • AcidWolf

    I WILL buy this! people need to be making more creative games like this! P.S i dont have an Xbox so im hoping it comes out for PC.

  • backesgamer

    If you want to play this game but DONT wanna buy it or get and xbox just play Fly Like a Bird 3! Heres a link!

  • tess

    Its for both computer and xbox for more info go to


    can i get it i the united kingdom

  • Canda Goose

    There better be a Canada goose and America goose.

  • blessing

    how to download

  • Coal

    Google will not let me download it :(-

  • derp

    darn cant buy stuff from online 🙁 is they a downloading way?

  • blahem

    is it for sale yet for xbox and if so where

  • MikkoMon

    darn i want it

  • Rayan

    how to this game





  • Meghan Medendorp

    i really want this game

  • animaljamlover

    Yeah how do u download it

  • Xiao

    This game’s been dropped huh? :/

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