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Explore The Paranormal in The Hidden Official Trailer

Majesco Entertainment’s newly revealed title The Hidden allows gamers to explore the paranormal that lies beneath the everyday world we live in. Where there are bright skies and sunshine there may very well be the hallowed spirits of malevolent ghosts and demons, trapped in the ethereal void between the realm of the living and the dead.

This upcoming 3DS title is sort of a mix of Ghostbusters with the popular SyFy television show Ghost Hunters, allowing gamers to view the seemingly ordinary through the eyes of a trained paranormal investigator. With the right equipment and know-how, gamers can look through the dimensions that separate the living from the dead…and often times take something back with them.

The Hidden is an “augmented reality” game that allows players to integrate their surroundings and environments in a unique way, which is something that is pretty impressive. As a member of the elite ghost-hunting team G.E.I.S.T. it is your duty to track and vanquish the spirits that plague the living, giving players the chance to become a professional paranormal investigator.


  • Augmented Reality Experience the augmented reality adventure using your 3DS camera to scan, detect, and hunt ghosts in your environment during the day or night. The art style uses semi-transparent, ethereal forms that blend with the real world setting to deliver a convincing and interactive effect.
  • High-tech Weapons — Battle powerful bosses using your full arsenal of acquired tech. Each one demands unique strategies, and some become long-running nemeses. Perfect the tracking process to catch the stealthiest spirits, banish stubborn creatures that can’t be destroyed, and take down the malevolent entity behind it all.
  • Ghost Hunting Activities —Engage in various activities including:
    • “Wormhole”: Navigate through tunnels of another dimension and collect power-ups to fight off dangerous entities.
    • “Paranormal Elimination”: Shoot and destroy ghosts within a certain amount of time by using the Circle Pad and 3DS gyroscope control.
  • Play Everywhere Discover and capture 6 different types of paranormal entities in this location-based adventure by keeping your 3DS with you wherever you go in the real world. It’s important to revisit areas that you have cleaned up because they can become re-infested.
  • Your 3DS is your Tool Face off against hostile spirits using high tech tools and weapons, such as the Plasmatic Disruptor and the Spectral Shield. Help your team develop prototype weaponry as you face entities never previously encountered and unlock cutting edge tools and weapons by completing elaborate missions.
  • 12 Missions Investigate the mysterious influx of ghostly entities across 12 unique missions with varying sub-missions
  • Stealth Technology Use the stealth function to avoid being detected by entities that are too great in number or extremely tough to handle with your equipment.
  • Level Up — Gain experience, security clearance, and plasma energy to increase your rank to become the ultimate G.E.I.S.T. agent.
  • Photo Log Take photos of entities with your 3DS camera and keep a log of your discoveries while using your map to keep track of where you’ve been.

The Hidden is slated for a release this October, right in time for the Halloween season. For more information on Majesco Entertainment’s The Hidden please visit the official website.

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