Published on October 1st, 2011 | by Derek Strickland, Contributor

Survive The Apocalypse In The New I Am Alive Comeback Trailer

Gamers not familiar with Ubisoft’s upcoming post-apocalyptic survival title I Am Alive may be surprised to find that the game isn’t a full retail release, but rather an arcade title coming soon on PSN and XBLA. With impressive visuals that define the popular genre’s desolate wastelands and desperate survival themes, I Am Alive is an interesting and appealing contender for winter’s arcade lineup.

The new I Am Alive trailer shows off the game’s impressive graphics and mechanics, displaying the title’s post-apocalyptic themes and emphasis on survival. Gamers who have been looking forward to the game will be relieved to find it actually has a release date–winter 2011.

I Am Alive takes place after a calamity known simply as “The Event” takes place, wiping out most of the human race. Only the shells of civilization remain: towering skyscrapers still stand tall, reminding survivors of what once was a great and proud nation. Now everything and everyone has turned to dust, and those that have survived must eke out a living in the hellish and cruel world of decay.

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Players take on the persona of Adam Collins, a man who has survived the cataclysmic Event and embarks on a trek to find his long lost daughter and wife. Despite the overwhelming negative odds, Adam clings onto the hope that his family has somehow survived. It is this hope that keeps him going, driving him forward into the hazardous wasteland of a crumbling world.

I Am Alive places emphasis on open-world exploration, and players must search for useful items including food, water, and weapons/utilities in order to survive. A few gameplay videos have shown mechanics similar to the Uncharted series. Players will scale towering skyscrapers, hunt enemies with improvised weapons, and explore the ruined world of ash to find Adam Collins’ beloved wife and daughter.

I Am Alive is slated for release in Winter 2011 for XBLA and PSN. For more information on I Am Alive please visit the official Facebook Page.

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    Great stuff, thanks!  I’m not sure how great it’ll be, as it’s XBLA and PSN, but I’m keeping mah fingers crossed 🙂

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