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Published on September 28th, 2011 | by Louis Garcia, Contributor

Review: Lonesome Road DLC

Platform: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Steam
Price: 800 MSP ($10), $9.99 (PS3, Steam)
Developer: Obsidian Entertainment

There was an odd feeling when I traveled to the area known as the Divide in Lonesome Road. My companion wasn’t allowed to walk this road with me, and I would finally put an end to the story I had created and taken part in in the Mojave.

That story is the main draw to Lonesome Road: it all ends here. And that’s where the weird feeling came from – this is the end of New Vegas. Players encounter the original courier who refused to deliver that damned Platinum Chip, and the identity and importance of Ulysses is revealed.

The tale that will be told in the DLC is one worth experiencing (I won’t go much further as not to ruin it), but there’s more to it than just the story. I mean, people do want to quest and kill things, right?

In addition to more destruction and questing are new weapons – really, really fun weapons. I’m a man who loves trekking the wasteland with a ton of weapons in my knapsack. Finding room for Lonesome Road’s new ones, like the rocket launcher properly named Red Glare, was a challenge, but well worth making room for. In addition to the mean explosive device, the Laser Detonator-which is a mini-gun, the Arc Welder (which isn’t too different from the Flamer, which itself is a flamethrower) and a couple others bring some variation in weaponry.

Luckily there are some new enemies to take care of with the new weapons: Tunnelers and Marked Men. How afraid of Deathclaws are you? Well, they make me run in terror until I start reaching a high level and get a good amount of badass weaponry. Tunnelers scare me a little bit more, and they look even weirder with their glowing eyes and dread-like hair… or something. Thing is that they’re mean, and a fun new creature to fight.

Marked Men aren’t as bad, though they are still just as freakish looking. These… humans have been changed by the harsh Divide and have no flesh.


All of these yummy and fun new creatures are set up in what is ultimately a linear DLC pack, but it makes sense considering it’s meant to end the story. Sure, there could have been a more open area to explore at your leisure with more to discover, but it could have detracted by the overall focus of what Lonesome Road’s point is: to end.

Final truth:

This isn’t my favorite DLC pack for New Vegas, but for a game that has had nothing but awesome and engaging DLC, this is kind of expected. But then again, it’s like comparing rubies to emeralds – they’re both shiny and awesome to have, so I’ll take as many of whichever I can get. Just like every DLC, however, I just wish it were longer than a handful of hours – and I’m notorious for taking much longer to complete games and DLC than most.

[xrr label=”Rating: 8.5/10″ rating=8.5/10]

+ Wraps up the story quite nicely
+ The new Tunneler enemy is a fun, new challenge
+ New weapons
Very linear

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