Ace of Spades

Published on September 25th, 2011 | by Derek Strickland, Contributor

Introducing Ace of Spades

Ever wished you could play a FPS version of Minecraft that has online multiplayer action? Well now you can with Ace of Spades, an independent free to play PC game that’s available to any and all gamers. Although the game is in it’s Beta stage, it’s so lightweight that just about any PC will successfully run it.

This enjoyable first-person shooter has a surprisingly enjoyable level of multiplayer action and allows gamers to build their own headquarters and bases for their team, akin to Minecraft’s elements of free object building. Ace of Spades utilizes signature voxel graphics, which are low-res and make players feel like they’re playing a classic PC deathmatch shooter.

Here are a few key features in Ace of Spades:

  • Huge randomly generated maps with lakes and rivers
  • Dig through terrain – make trenches or tunnels
  • Build anything – defensive positions to fortresses
  • Realistic gun mechanics including ironsights and recoil
  • Dynamic lighting system based on ambient occlusion
  • Up to 32 players battling simultaneously

For more information on Ace of Spades please visit the official website.

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