Batman: Arkham City

Published on September 23rd, 2011 | by Derek Strickland, Contributor

Meet The Joker In The New Arkham City Trailer

The newest trailer for Batman: Arkham City gets up close and personal with the Caped Crusader’s legendary arch-nemesis: none other than the laughing trickster himself, The Joker. Only something is different about the maniacal lunatic: his affliction has quite obviously caught up with him, making him look all the more evil.

The gameplay footage is pretty solid, giving us a good look at Batman’s combat capabilities in Arkham City. We also get a glimpse of  the Dark Knight’s incredible acrobatics as he leaps off a rooftop only to gracefully glide through the air and smash down atop a few enemy thugs.

Harley Quinn is also featured in the trailer, and her signature accent and attitude are both intact. She’s proven to be a femme fatale of deadly proportions and introduces The Joker’s latest trick up his sleeve: Mr. Hammer, a one-armed psychopathic behemoth in a clown mask who makes up for his missing appendage with a massive sledgehammer. Yikes.

Click here to be taken to the official trailer via YouTube.

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