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Published on September 20th, 2011 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

Battlefield 3 Beta Goes Open

Regardless of what you might think of EA’s Origin, in this case, it might sound like a great idea. Fear not other platform players; the beta will soon be open to you too.

For those PC players who pre-ordered the game via Origin, starting September 27th, these lucky soldiers will be granted early access to the beta. Also, fans who pre-ordered the Medal of Honor Limited Edition will also be granted access to the beta.

Everyone else will have to wait until September 29th to jump into the heat of battle. It is great to have the hands-on with a beta that could possibly seal you away in your room, eyes glued to your TV, but what else can you expect? Players will also be able to jump into the Battlelog, the free social networking tool that allows gamers to track stats and communicate with one another on how much pwnage is going on.

Other platforms, such as PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC owners will just have to wait the two extra days in order to get their hands on the Paris based ‘Operation Metro’ map. If you would like to know more about the Battlefield 3 multiplayer, then check out our hands on from PAX 2011, or from earlier in the year at the EA Showcase.

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