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Published on September 16th, 2011 | by Derek Strickland, Contributor

Dead Pixels Now Available on Xbox Indies Marketplace

Independent XNA developer Can’t Strafe Right has been working on his 8-bit zombie sim Dead Pixels for a while now, and finally gamers get to experience the fruits of his labor.

Dead Pixels pits gamers in a dire dystopia overrun by zombies–also known as a zombie apocalypse. To survive and reach salvation, players must cross twenty undead-infested levels and navigate their way to the safehouse.

Throughout the game we get to see a bit-style rendition of a destroyed city, remnants of a civilization turned to ruin and rubble from the disastrous outbreak of walking dead. Shoot hundreds of constantly re-spawning zombies in this classic survival shooter, complete with a few RPG elements like purchase-able upgrades and attributes.

What’s most appealing about this title is it’s use of Grindhouse elements, giving gamers the sense of watching an old 70’s zombie horror flick complete with the retro “featured presentation” intro and even an intermission.

Dead Pixels


Dead Pixels is available on the Xbox Live Indie Games Marketplace for 80 MSP ($1). Click here to view the official XBLIG Marketplace page.



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