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Published on September 15th, 2011 | by Kyle Spencer, Editor

Rise of Nightmares Review

Platform: Xbox 360 Kinect
Price: $49.99
Developer: SEGA

Rise of Nightmares is not your typical first-person survival horror game. In fact, it is a unique step in a direction that many hardcore gamers were wondering when the Kinect launched a little less than a year ago. Today we stand here with one of the first M-rated Kinect titles and it is called Rise of Nightmares. You play as Josh as he tries to get his wife back from the grasp of an evil mad scientist who is experimenting on humans with this genetic altering gene. Not much to the story other than a typical horror game, but use of the Kinect is where this title is supposed to shine, right?

Sadly, enough what was supposed to be the game’s greatest strength, ultimately ended up being the game’s biggest weakness. Some of the combat controls seem to work fine, as the Kinect is programmed to work very well with upper body movements. However, it is the motion of the character on screen that throws the game into a whirlwind. Basic movements never seemed to work very well and side stepping enemy attacks became a little to clunky. To move in the game you are required to thrust your shoulders and move forward, then backwards. Seem odd to you? Trust me; it is even odder when actually playing the game. Sadly it took a little too long to get used to.

(Enter Age and Refresh to play)

Rise of Nightmares is a serious repetitive endeavor and leaves gamers fully negligent in the horror of this ultra-bloody action game. Enemies are repeats and the boss battles are everything but satisfying. Each boss battle looks the same as a normal enemy but you must perform quick-time events to dodge their extra attack moves. Simple? Maybe just a little too simple.

The game will not take you that long to play through. You should be done after six hours of repetitive gameplay and will leave you wondering what kind of a story you ended up playing through. This is like any hardcore horror movie buff going to a theater and loving the PG-13 horror-based movies of this generation. You spend the game fighting off zombies. What other game came out the same day with a much better story and also killed zombies, and was only $10 more? Dead Island anyone?

Final Truth:

Rise of Nightmares was a laughable experience and should find its way to the value bin very quickly. I do however admire SEGA’s venture into the M-rated horror based Kinect game and being the first to do so. Sadly now with this release, other developers can look at this game and fix on 90 percent of the mistakes that SEGA made with this title. Thanks anyway for setting the bar, so now the only place we have to go is up.

[xrr label=”Rating: 3/10″ rating=3/10]
+ The first of its kind on Kinect
– Lousy controls
– Rinse and repeat
– Story
– Fluidity
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