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Published on September 12th, 2011 | by Derek Strickland, Contributor

New Total Miner Forge v 2.0 Avatar Screens

The new version of the popular Xbox Indie voxel block-builder Total Miner: Forge is planning to bring a variety of upgrades and features to the game. GT previously covered the update and most of the planned features, but as time goes by new information is revealed. Total Miner v2.0 is quite a massive update, and along with all the other additions, the enhanced version will feature unlockable in-game avatars.

Total Miner: Forge’s official Facebook Page has updated its v2.0 photo gallery with five new pictures of avatars that players can unlock in various ways throughout the game. The avatars include a robot, a half-human cyborg (aka terminator), the Invader Man, an Indian, and a pirate.

Now when I say avatars, I don’t mean your Xbox Live avatar; we’re talking about the in-game character appearance…which is interesting as players haven’t ever been able to see themselves before in Total Miner: Forge. Each of the character skins have a certain goal which players must complete before they can model themselves with a brand new outfit.

Check the gallery below to see the five new avatars that players are awarded with, each with their own signature styles and appearances.

[nggallery id=518]

For more information on Total Miner: Forge and the v2.0 update, be sure to visit the official website and the Total Miner Forums.

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