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Published on September 7th, 2011 | by Coyle Permetter, Editor

Diablo III Beta Video Leaked

A recent video from the Diablo III private beta has surfaced, giving us a glimpse of the loading screen and character creation process.  Like all of Blizzard’s games, the loading screen looks very similar to the loading screens featured in World of Warcraft and StarCraft 2. The rest of the leaked video is composed of just various screenshots of gameplay within the beta itself.

The epic fantasy universe started with Diablo, which released in 1996, followed up with the popular fan-favorite game of the year Diablo II in 2000, and it’s huge expansion Lord of Destruction. The timely sequels stopped there, and Blizzard has taken a full decade to develop the next installment in the Diablo franchise.

Now 10 years later fans are still highly anticipating the continuation of the medieval series with the release of Diablo III, which has been clamored over by nerds and casual gamers for quite some time. Either this game is a decade in the making, or the staff at Blizzard is better at procrastinating on their sequels then I am on my Spanish class. Only time will tell.

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