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Published on September 6th, 2011 | by Derek Strickland, Contributor

New Guardian Heroes Gameplay Trailer

Gamers who owned a Sega Saturn back in the day probably remember Guardian Heroes, a classic and quite awesome fighter with insane combat action that was venerated as one of the best titles on the Saturn altogether. This tremendously enjoyable beat-em-up is to make it’s way conveniently back into gamers lives with a release on the Xbox Live Arcade.

Check below to dive right into the frenetic mayhem that is Guardian Heroes:

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Many gamers knew that the title was coming all the way back in May, but now SEGA has released a gameplay trailer that shows the fruits of their labors of the past few months. SEGA goes on to explain more about the upcoming beat-em-up adventure within their devblog:

Guardian Heroes isn’t just about beating up bad guys, with a storyline full of twists and turns players will enjoy one of five completely unique boss fights, as well as more than half a dozen possible endings.

To showcase the potential ways players can punch, kick, chop and stab and their way through Guardian Heroes, SEGA and Treasure have released a new gameplay trailer.”

–Official SEGA Blog

The new iteration of the successful Guardian Heroes title will be remastered in full HD and feature classic co-op and battle modes on Xbox Live, allowing for a full multiplayer experience for up to twelve gamers at once. 

The upcoming remastered port of Guardian Heroes will land on October 12, 2011 exclusively on the Xbox Live Arcade Marketplace for 800 MSP ($10).

For more information please visit the SEGA’s official website.

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