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Published on September 6th, 2011 | by Derek Strickland, Contributor

Indie Games Summer Uprising Featured on Xbox Live Dashboard

Awesome news concerning the Indie Games Summer Uprising event: the games themselves now appear on the Xbox Live Dashboard under the Spotlight tab, and also under the Games Marketplace tab. The pane offers a handy and convenient listing of the games featured in the IGSU seasonal event, minus two: Take Arms and Redd: The Lost Temple.

At GAMINGtruth we’ve covered the IGSU event with a few articles, and we’ve taken a look at the awesome Indie game finalists that won the event. It’s fair to say that these games offer a unique and original experience that’s enjoyable for all gamers–whether you’re a die-hard fan of Indies or a casual player.

This will of course bring in a whole new wave of attention to the event and garner the advertising that the self-built XNA community-driven affair deserves. While it may be limited for a few weeks or so, the appearance of the IGSU tab on the Dashboard is exciting to see as Microsoft nods to the developers and community leaders that made it happen.

Interestingly enough, the IGSU pane isn’t featured in the Xbox Indies category of the Games Marketplace tab…but maybe they’ll change that, as well as update it to include all the finalists. Hopefully we’ll see something similar for DBP 2011 as well!

Check the official Indie Games Summer Uprising website for more information, or fire up your Xbox 360 and jump on the XBL Dashboard for a full listing of all the titles.

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