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Published on September 6th, 2011 | by Derek Strickland, Contributor

Creative Director Ryan Peyton Walks Away From Halo 4

Leaving 343 Industries prestigious fourth installment in the Halo series–which is a herald to a whole new “Reclaimer Trilogy” of Halo games–was a choice that Creative Director Ryan Peyton chose to make after realizing that Halo 4 had evolved into something that wasn’t “in line with his original vision”.

As Creative Director for the project, Peyton was in charge of developing Halo 4‘s story as well as managing the creative team who was planning the upcoming trilogy.

“I had a great run at Microsoft. I don’t regret one day of it. But after a few years, there came a point where I wasn’t creatively excited about the project anymore.”

Peyton reiterated that his departure wasn’t due to the game being bad in any way; it was just not what he had envisioned at the start. The former Creative Director of Halo 4 goes on to tell more on why he chose to leave the project:

“The Halo I wanted to build was fundamentally different and I don’t think I had built enough credibility to see such a crazy endeavor through.

“I think time is the most valuable thing we have,” said Payton, “and I’ve decided that I’m not going to waste one more day working on something that doesn’t speak to my values.”

–Ryan Peyton to Kotaku

Will this interesting update adversely affect the development of Halo 4, or will the team at 343i be able to keep their composure while developing the first non-Bungie Halo game? Only time will tell.

Halo 4 is set to release in late 2012 on Xbox 360.

Source: IGN

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