• http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001058961001 Andrew Isaac

    when is the update?

  • Trolling4dollars

    They posted new images of avatars that look like the terminator, and a terminator endoskeleton on their forums


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  • Tseahorn

    how do i get the update? i can’t find it

  • Mixheal

    when does it come out the update

    • Nopedope

      may 9th

  • T7anim

    ive been waiting like 2 months 4 this update. whens it coming out man a relese date would be nice

  • Red Mario

    when is this update coming out ?

  • brandon

    when is this update coming out please reply

  • brandon

    when is this update

  • mitchell

    when is it coming out mate ive been whating for weeks

  • Kelvin polanco

    /wen is the update i cant wait anymore ?

  • mitchell

    can i have info about it please about the next update

    • Masterrogerf

      I hope their will be more enemies other than spiders

  • mitchell

    next update

  • Sporti97

    ich brauch das update

  • dominick deanovich

    when does the update come out !!!!!!!

  • Curlyadams

    Awsome how long til it’s out

  • Jhett

    i love this game CANT WAIT 4 NEW ENIMES!!! AND OUTFITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND ANIMALS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLYYYY CRAPPPP!!! :)

  • alex

    when is this coming out can u ancer mr please

  • Bill nye


  • Drakeduc

    They split the update because it was taking so much work now it is coming out with multiplayer and every thing that is not directly related to multiplayer it went into peer review 2 days ago and so far it has 1 of 8 passes so v1.5 should be out this week or next week

  • Reece

    When wood it be out 2.0

  • Drakeduc

    2.0 will be out roughly 1 month after v1.5

  • Nightwolf2095

    it wont let me update it 

  • Nightwolf2095

    it gives me the option but thats it 

  • Logan_wolverine

    why cant guests play or delet and place blocks

  • Ciderchickxxx

    I cant play it… i download the new 2.0 thing then i get a black screen??????

  • teddy barr

    I love this game! And it’s only 3 bucks!!!

  • MidgitMe

    So, How Do You Unlock The Indian?

  • LoudmouthPlanto

    when is 2.o being released????

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  • Chewmister99

    I cant wait until 2.0 comes out

    • Davidmantle124


  • Shailshock

    how do you find the sheep its so stupid i cant find any anywhere

    • Robloxkid2011

      their is none, they split update in half so no surviva mode nor animals.

  • Jeff

    Do you have to pay for this update????

    • Alice

      lol, if it ever comes out, someone will be able to answer you :)

  • guest or anoyamus

    the new update is out but when is the 2.0 coming out, they include beds, sheep wool and meat and duck feathers and meat. they include everything but the cool survival mode and new mobs. including day and night cycle!!! then can this be done and is there any images of the new mobs. plz reply

  • Sk8erboy0219


  • bucket

    how will the animals keep a steady supplie will there diffrent genders or will they just be like the spider eggs

  • Sniperguy452

    How long must we wait for the survival?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002219274230 Patrick Laas

    i hat wating,when came the update

  • 2.0 wonderman

    come on whars the update

  • Hpleaselickme

    Gay men ROCK

    • killa

      So right

  • Steven

    a relese date would be nice. apart from that looking folward to survival mode.

  • Phillipalexzander

    how do you get the update someone please teel me i am getting  realy peaved

    • TryMucinex

      Some part of the update is already out and it should be called V 1.5.  The other part like survival is not out yet.

  • Totalminer freak

    I’ve been told The 2.0 update is coming out late december

  • Anonymous

    I am really looking forward to this :D. But the only problem is i dont know how long to look forward to!!

  • Wonderwaffe1

    where is the diamond pickaxe blueprint usually located? Also where would a big pocket of titanium be?

  • Mariocollazo32

    dude the update is coming in 24-48 hours

  • unkown

    are there pics of the new mobs and i got some ideas elves like high elves that are nice and kill other mobs and gobblens the kill the elves and the elves make houses that are small and the gobblens make houses to. And add a new weapon a musket that you need 5 steel and bullits 1 iorn bar for five bullits and for noobs to update there shoud be a botton that says update. Oh and not in 2.0 in like 2.1 or 2.3 

  • unkown

    hope you like the idea

  • B00mH3adshot

    I bet it comes out on Christmas day (20 mins for me! I’ll find out guys!)

  • guest1523353

    just downloaded the update, makes my game crash all the time now.

  • Cheeselord

    I think it’s cool they finally put a survival mode.

  • Bigbrats

    i cant wait for the new part2 of 2.0 to come out

  • Drewandlane

    come on 2.0

  • Bob

    is there going to be an update to go to the moon?

  • Prokoper28

    we need animals

  • Bobby123179

    THE UPDATE IS ONLY HALF OUT!!! The last part of the update is coming: Survival. There is no survival stuff yet.

    • dylan

      ik its stupid i was so siked about that you should add me STK GOT YOUR TAGS

      • Jrhamster

        Do you no when it is coming out? By tht I mean the survival or is it just a fluke? Because they already have the locked chests and stuff.

  • Anthonylambert34

    when will the full update be out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hshnj

      The update a load of shit broke my total miner :(

  • Mad sk8er

    release date dude

  • Yted

    When is the next update coming out and plus there is no survival out so it is pretty much half out

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Aaron-Vaneck/100002602113866 Aaron Vaneck

    i love thes game i have a bige map

  • guest

    how do i update it?

  • http://www.camscast.net/ 09090ness

    this was supposed to be released in september… devs for this game just arent reliable

  • Alexalexcampbell

    when is the release date for this update??

  • Bjmassimi

    is this game on pc to plz reply :)

    • Amadeus Gustafsson


  • Hayhayhalo

    No it isnt but u should look at minecraft for a simmular type of game it is even better though!

  • USarmyMan01

    They better hurry up before Minecraft comes out because once it does they are fucked up the butt

  • THE KI11ER 2580

    i have been waiting 4 this update for some time now its going to be kinda like mine craft with all the mob at night day night cycle this game is going to great fun but does it still have spiders in cos if they are plz take them out or at least change the texture of them plz or make them smaller   

  • THE KI11ER 2580

    THE KI11ER 2580 is my gamertag on xbox

  • Epix Man

    UPDATE COME OUT ALREADY PLOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bvines7474

    SO LONG !!!!!!!!

  • Mays 97joe

    will there be mine carts? Can you sleep in the beds? When is the new 2.0 update even coming out?

  • James

    I have had a look on youtube and it said it was oming out in 2011 but meanwhile in 2012
    Wheres that update and minecraft is coming out anyways.

  • Harrisonfarlow

    when the update comes out mincraft will be on already be on xbox…. unless the update beats minecraft there is really no use , most people are just playing it untill minecraft comes.

  • Dsoto972

    u should add like u can lvl up & u can hav pets & better monsters like dragons & dinosaurs & stuff like that but no zombies they r boring

    • Rodruffles

      Yea that sounds tight

  • Dsoto972

    dis all mite be a fluke cause u guys posted dis bout 3 months each and it hasent come out yet plz reply 2 the monster stuff 2

  • Musicmaster848

    when is it comeing out

  • Thekid’?

    Does anybody know when the night & day should be updated?

  • Burbot

    when is this coming out?

  • Franky3423

    when is the update

  • new comment

    you people should add car or plains…………………. that would be boss. 

  • Shellangarland

    in one week minecraft comes out so im not relly gonna play anymore

  • Ghostboy

    yea so either yall come out with total miner update before minecraft and beat minecraft from coming out  so u can keep people in the game or for total miner its game over

  • Telling the truth

    ok its to late minecraft comes out in about 3 more hours so 500000 sales wont be going up  we were going to stay on total miner but minecraftcame out so we are leaving

  • g-money

    minecraft is better. but when is the next update for total miner

  • efadsfsdaf

    are there any spiders on creative mode please reply fast

  • Pepsilegittt69

    These r just suggestions but here’s wat I think would make this game crazy good.

    – depth increased to 3000 m
    – around 30 new enemies located between various depths
    – even more monstrous cave systems
    – more items and blueprints
    – enable the player to sprint
    – have new layers of rock between 2000 and 3000 m

    I feel like total miner should focus more on living up to its name and not use wat Minecraft uses. I think instead of animals, they should use somethin else for healing.

  • Fangora1123

    It’s funny..(or kind of sad)..that 80% of these comments have awful spelling/grammar…
    Anyways, like everyone else, I’m *dying* to know when this update is going to be released. Minecraft XBOX 360 Edition has been out for a few months, and I play it often, but it would be great to have TM:F with all these new additions :)
    I know all of the items/blocks are available in creative mode now, but it would be great to actually be able to kill a chicken for feathers, you know?
    lol, to make a long post short: when will the update be released?

  • Kadon Veillon

    When is the update its taking about. 4 months minecraft.releases an update every 1-2 months the only update to reach 2 months was tu12 and that was way bigger than 1.9

  • Hunter

    I recently redownloaded Total Miner: Forge, but when I press start or whatever the game just stay at the screen that says “loading…”. My Xbox isn’t frozen nor is the game because the background changes. I’ve sat here for about 30min waiting for the game to load

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