Cursed Loot

Published on August 22nd, 2011 | by Derek Strickland, Contributor

Epic Dungeon Gets Revamped in “Cursed Loot” From Eyehook Games

Eyehook Games revamps their Indie classic Epic Dungeon in a new release that offers the same experience with new features.

The revamped title–dubbed Cursed Loot–offers an expansive dungeon crawling adventure complete with a classic top-down interface and RPG elements.

Try out the new Goblin character class or stick with the four older classes, explore fifty randomly generated dungeon levels, and fortify your character’s strengths with a wider variety of skills and abilities.

Collect new items and wield a myriad of weaponry; from axes and swords to hammers and maces, Cursed Loot has everything that the first title offered and more.

For more information on Eyehook Games and it’s newest Indie release, Cursed Loot, please visit their official website.

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