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Published on August 12th, 2011 | by Cameron Woolsey

Eight Glorious Minutes of Saints Row: The Third Gameplay in the ‘Freefalling’ Trailer

In this latest gameplay trailer for Saints Row: The Third, our heroes have been captured and are now aboard a plane soaring through the air. This doesn’t bode well; the team needs a way out. The plan is simple: escape restraints, kill all the gang members and jump out of the back of the plane.

Right. Simple.

I think it's turning around

This trailer shows off the many new melee moves which utilize QTE button presses to pull off. Whether the button prompts continue to flash onscreen once the tutorial is over isn’t certain just yet. The trailer also shows off just how much more has been pumped into the mission structure. The prior games got a little crazy at times with, say, jumping down the center of a shopping mall in parachutes or manning a Gatling gun on a chopper, but nothing as intense as what you are about to watch. So sit back and enjoy your complementary peanuts.

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