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Published on August 11th, 2011 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

Cell: emergence Video Aims to Less Obstruct Abstract Concept

It was almost two months ago that we first saw the trailer for Cell: emergence. At least now, we are just a little less confused about the stylistic gameplay and unique story that it will tell as we delve further into its growth, pun intended. This game comes to us from former Lead Writer Sheldon Pacotti, who worked on the first two Deus Ex titles.

The game itself starts to shape more as a RTS title, but still give players the ability to explore a different aspect of gaming. The concept is simple-yet complicated. Players control a nanobot and must destroy organisms that are taking hold in the “low level” biology backdrop. There are some familiar tactics, such as the description of a Missile Command-type-gameplay, but also the mobility of an exploratory space shooter.

There are other references, such as the laser like projectile, which is compared to Defender. It does however take some of the more complicated aspects to storytelling, such as a living, breathing city or world, and scale it down to simplistic pixelated towers and permeable membranes. Other interactivity with the cell itself will divulge other changes to the cell and also change the terrain in which you are playing.

Hit play and join Sheldon as he discusses his take on the term “massively reactive” as he speaks on behalf of New Life Interactive.

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