Castle Miner

Published on July 28th, 2011 | by Derek Strickland, Contributor

New Xbox Indie Block Builder “CastleMiner” Released

Developer: DigitalDNA Games
Platform: Xbox 360 (Xbox Live Indie Games)
Price: 240 MSP ($3)

DigitalDNA Games, the Xbox Indie development team behind a variety of Avatar-based titles, has unveiled today it’s most recent Avatar creation called Castle Miner.

This block-building release is similar to the wave of voxel-styled Indie titles that have spawned from the mega-popular PC Indie Minecraft. Due to the success and popularity of the first XBLIG block-builder release, Fortresscraft, many XNA developers have taken note of the features offered in this gaming niche, and are looking to develop their very own adaptations of the genre.


You create your own world in CastleMiner. Play online with your Avatar and up to 15 of your friends. Build amazing worlds on a huge spanning landscape with over 200 block types! Mine treasures deep underground in a labyrinth of caves, different every time you play. Build worlds, save them and share them online.”


  • Social multiplayer experience with up to 16 players
  • Over 200 blocks to build with
  • Online world sharing
  • Randomized worlds for a unique experience with every playthrough

For more information on CastleMiner and the independent XNA team that created it, DigitalDNA Games, please visit their official website.

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63 Responses to New Xbox Indie Block Builder “CastleMiner” Released

  1. Theduck says:

    Game will not save, major glitch!  If you work on a map for hours, try to save, rename or not; the game WILL NOT SAVE!

  2. Zackwinslow says:

    add me on xbox gt is aofx rapiestcat and i can help build places aand come see my castle

  3. Dylpickels0602 says:

    the game is stupid it wont let me join my friends games

  4. Joshuameakin says:

    i played 129 houres and had every block and an eror pop up and toke me to the dashdoard i lost every thing

  5. Yoyoyman says:

    the GAME RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!! its so much fun

  6. Midnighthawkk says:

    I’ve been playing for about 30 hours online and then my hours got reset for some reason, but still i love the game and will continue to play anyways but hopefully that problem gets fixed in upcoming patches or something…

    I’m working on  building a massive town on Flatland, if you want to help build feel free to add my GT… MidnightHawkk

  7. DOUGLAS HANDY says:

    cant get to all my frinds. you need to have that castleminer the host can have stuf hapen like zombes erthquaks and car that can move a bawt 35 mies prawr if you think some more stuf comment me.

  8. Crawley Austin says:

    how long does it take to migrate data

  9. Sledgehammer78 says:

    So far no problems for me. This is a rather enjoyable game that has kept me up until first morning light the passed two days. It’s also rather entertaining to play with friends, especialliy when undertaking huge projects and arguing with them merely for fun because you both agree.

    I’m down for building whatever on this game. Friend me if you want. GT: Sledgehammer78

  10. Styles666 says:

    after update .. will not start at all – migrate data forever  …wtf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. R A Pearce says:

    i got the update but it wost one ever. i got my blox wos gone it just a wost update just give a nuver update.

  12. buildingman123 says:

    i hate this new update i cant save my places all my stuff got deleted and all my places i hate it please do something to fix this now

  13. harry says:

    they should make customizable vehicles right

  14. Laredo357 says:

    It keeps show migrating data please wait…. B*tch I have been waiting for 20 minutes!!!! This game sucks now!

  15. Nick says:

    this is dumb after the update it deleted all of my maps and now it wont save any of my new maps this has also been happening to my friends

  16. anonymous says:

    This game is great but the delted one of my maps i just saved. Theres no point in having a save feauture if they delete your maps.

  17. Sparkey1234 says:

    yes i have this game it is good if u have a imagination if u dont this game is not for u

  18. Zachterry says:

    this is bull
    ***** you castle fucking miner

  19. Zachterry says:

    fuck you castle miner fuck migrating data

  20. after update my hole map got deleted i spent like a year on it and there is like half of every thing

  21. Talonjkeys says:

    i love this game!

  22. Policool says:

    Isn’t this just a rip off of mineraft….

  23. Brennen says:

    This game is just like Minecraft, but it sucks really bad and has dumb Graphics

  24. Stormbreaker57 says:

    i wish i knew where this idea came from there is a game on pc just like this i just dont know what its called

  25. jjsrabbit65 says:

    This Game is ausome for free biulders of the Minecraft world…….

  26. Robbie says:

    is their gunna be a new update were u can get cars

  27. Jakemcgrath says:

    Anybody play castle miner z, they took out ore island [thats what we call it]. I liked venturing to it with my friends, “It was an adventure worth taking that made a game worth playing,” 

  28. Robot_bear says:

    this is better then minecarft becasue you  get to be online with freinds have guns and do alot of stuff without moods

    • Hunsuttedemin says:

      You can do that in minecraft too. Multiplayer is easy and doesnt require finding a server. You can host one yourself. If you want guns, you can download the gun mod (which i think there are several of) and those guns are probably even better than the castleminer guns.

  29. Robot_bear says:

    And hey if the maker of the game reads this you should add more guns and more blocks, doors. and monsters in your nxt up date

  30. Mrdupstep420 says:

    no doors whats up with this you did it in castle miner z why not this me an my firends are always saying how much better it be if you could put a door on more then one kind to like bigger doors then others that way you could put them on castles theyd be bigger then a house door i just think the game would be alot better if you put this one little thing in the game

  31. Some Gamer says:

    It doesn’t Suck! You play as your avatar and thats cool and by the way: when minecraft was as old as castle miner it also didn’t have doors

  32. Nanoblade27 says:

    too much like minecraft you guys are so bad that you have to copy it

  33. ligte4rezine says:

    this game is great!!! its like minecraft with no monsters of fighting. you can play online with other players to see what they are building. for onley 80 microsoft points this is a steal!!! THUMBS UP IF THIS HELPED!!!

  34. Anonymous says:

    Hey all,
    We will be hosting a developer Q & A with the creators of Castle Miner Z and Castle Miner. Please reply with any of your questions for future titles, or current, and we will be sure to get them answered as best as possible!  Thanks for your support and keep on buildin’ !


  35. Buttermytoast100 says:

    how do I save my progress?

  36. Jleguernic says:

    castle miner shoud add cars,doors,furnitre,and that you can make your own blocks 

  37. O.o says:

    i like it alot, but its super lagy. I would like it better is it was a online game and xbox game

  38. Minecraft_FTW says:


  39. Clubpenguinruler7 says:

    I am loving it still and cm z me and my cuz play all the time cm forever

  40. Perezsteven says:

     this the best game iv played in my life time people who have not played this game needs to or you are crazy you get to battle zombies and skeletons and make things to.

  41. Peresteven says:

    best games ever just telling you people

  42. Pryl77 says:

    my “build disabled” is on how do I take it off?

  43. lola says:

    this game is dumb:|

  44. Matty says:

    I have lost my world and it is impossible to build it again so what do I do to get it back?

  45. I would like to see the creaters of castel miners to create a block of moving water and a torch block

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