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Published on July 21st, 2011 | by Derek Strickland, Contributor

Total Miner: Forge Update is Live

Recently the Total Miner: Forge update passed Peer Review, the community evaluation system for all Xbox Live Indie Games, and is now available on the marketplace.

Since all patches and updates are free, Xbox Indies players won’t be required to go out of their way and buy any DLC or any additional content. The update will be applied automatically much like patches for retail Xbox 360 games, yet the Total Miner patch is quite small and doesn’t take any time at all to download.

For a rundown of all the additional features that this update adds to the block-building Indie release, be sure to check out GAMINGtruth’s original Total Miner: Forge update post.

Want more info on this Indie block-builder and upcoming news as it arises? Be sure to check out Total Miner: Forge’s official website.

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8 Responses to Total Miner: Forge Update is Live

  1. Littlewhopp3r says:

    when is the date for the update for total minner forg

  2. Cjmtz96 says:

    I have no idea what they are talking about, because the update is not out yet. Me and my friends are upset that it has been so long for the update to happen.

  3. xboxgamer says:

    it hast come out yet ( V2.0)

  4. Hobo1923 says:

    u need to put animals and make npc walking and more mobs like a skeleten fighter or a archer

  5. Hobo1923 says:

    u need to put water can go move then a block

  6. Epic Taco says:

    You need to add night, animals, walking NPC’s, and more mobs. 

  7. stupidhead says:

    Oh my god you are all illiterate :/

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