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Published on July 17th, 2011 | by Derek Strickland, Contributor

New Craftworld Alpha Build Screens & Trailer

From the incredible success of the PC Indie block-builder Minecraft comes many Xbox Indie iterations of the game such as FortressCraft, Total Miner: Forge, and now Craftworld.

All of these games utilize the signature voxel-styled graphics as well as a mix of adventure and exploration, and give players the freedom to whatever they’d like from farming and crafting to fighting creatures and enemies.

Craftworld from XNA dev team 2.0 Studios promises many unique features that will set it apart from other Xbox Indie block-builders currently on the marketplace, and has planned a trilogy of Craftworld releases. Below you can find information on the first chapter in the series dubbed The Promise.

Very early screenshot from the pre-alpha XBLIG build of Craftworld.

Craftworld Chapter 1: The Promise

The first instalment of will serve as the bare minimum of what to expect in Craftworld. This list is quite large, as it encompasses the systems as opposed to huge amounts of content therein.

Here is a list of some of the planned features for Craftworld Chapter 1: The Promise:

  • Open, multi-tiered world
  • Cities and towns filled with dwarfs, elves and humans
  • Inventory and Belt
  • Magic, spells and potions along with magical items like bags of holding etc.
  • Dual lighting models. Propogation working nicely with realtime shadows
  • Crafting –  Use wood and Stone to create a pick
  • Smelting system for making alloys for vehicles etc.
  • Brewery system for making wines, beers and spirits
  • Real-time environment with  3-D physics

2.0 Studios has been utilizing tester and community feedback from gamers and players, and the game is still in it’s testing phase. The dev studio is currently working hard to provide updates and bug fixes to the early build. A release date for Craftworld has yet to be announced, and it is believed that the whole set will be available for under $15, which puts it in the 240-400 MSP ($3-5) price range for each chapter.

Note: All screenshots and in-game footage is from early test and alpha-builds of the game and do not reflect the finished product. Craftwold has yet to be released and it’s development is currently an ongoing progress.

For more information on Craftworld and the Independent XNA development team that created it, 2.0 Studios, please visit their official website.

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