Published on July 15th, 2011 | by Louis Garcia, Contributor

Weekly Round-Up: Metal Sonic and ‘splosions.

This week we have a load of cool content for you. Be sure to check out the site to see all the happenings on GAMINGtruth.

The truth:

Check out the guns in RAGE.

Netflix comes to 3DS. What won’t Netflix arrive on?

The Secret World preview.

Watch 15 minutes of BioShock Infinite bliss.

NBA JAM: On Fire Edition catches our attention.

Metal Sonic returns!

The reviews:

Ms. ‘Splosion Man

Twisted Pixel Games strikes again with the sequel to their original release, ‘Splosion Man, offering a new and refreshing take on Big Science experiments gone wrong. Ms. ‘Splosion Man retains all the original aspects of the first release and improves on them with a new host of stages and worlds each with their own styles and themes. ‘Splode all across the city and labs of Big Science while spreading pandemonium and mayhem all over. While the game can be somewhat trying and difficult at times, it’s definitely a great title that any gamer can play to both laugh and be entertained with side-scrolling action.

Back to the Future: The Game Episode V – OUTATIME

Episode V: OUTATIME ended on a very solid note for me. My interest in the series fluctuated over the coarse of the five episodes but I felt pleased with the final effort as the credits began to scroll. Though the puzzles weren’t very interesting, the story for OUTATIME was definitely the highlight. It started out on an interesting note and ended in typical BttF fashion with everything, back to normal, timeline included and maybe even a little bit better for everyone involved.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3DS

If you haven’t played this yet, get it. Nothing else on the 3DS is nearly as good. For everyone else it depends on just how much you want to relive this near perfect adventure.

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