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Published on July 15th, 2011 | by Derek Strickland, Contributor

New Total Miner Video Shows Update Features

A new video from Total Miner: Forge’s official YouTube page shows off features that the new patch update for the Xbox Indie block-building sensation will contain. The update is planned to fix many bugs and glitches as well as add a smattering of new blocks and even a mini-game stand up arcade based on Space Invaders.

The patch itself is scheduled to be submitted to Peer Review, the Xbox Live Indie Game’s game evaluation system, soon and should be up on the marketplace within a timely manner.

Total Miner: Forge

In-Game features in the video:

  • Sledge Hammer – Removes all blocks in one hit (Creative Mode Only)
  • Stairs
  • Total Invaders Block – In game mini arcade game!
  • Signs – Text color etc will change, these are placeholder.
  • Texture Packs – Texture Pack capabilities

Also included in the update:

  • Fixes: Bug and exploit fixes.
  • World Sharing Update: Share world player list now shows 25 players.

Be sure to check out the Texture Pack Competition for a chance to win and have your texture included as a usable in-game feature in Total Miner: Forge’s update!

For more information be sure to stay updated on Twitter and Facebook as well as check the official website for details on Total Miner: Forge from Xbox Indie dev team Greenstone Games.

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