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Published on July 15th, 2011 | by Derek Strickland, Contributor

A New Helping of Sizzling Screenshots From The Baconing

Hothead Game’s newly released screenshots for it’s next title in the zany DeathSpank game series, The Baconing, that show off some interesting characters.

In The Baconing, our hero DeathSpank faces enemies who are powerful adversaries that strike fear into the hearts of men. Luckily for our thong-wearing champion, he finds aid in the legendary Forest of Tomorrow from a strange and unique team of genius scientists known as The Nuclear Family.

Each member in the Nuclear Family has their own quirks and humorous character traits that, when combined, are capable of pushing past the boundaries of science. Betty Nuclear, the “mother” of the family, stays at home and has perfected the science of cooking and home-making while her husband, Dick Nuclear, creates advanced pleasure robots at the “Pleasuretorium”. Their son, Elroy studies genetics and uses the Clone-A-Torium to create new versions of life like a two-headed dog, whereas his sister Chastity falls in love with a boyfriend she’s resurrected a la Frankenstein with spare body parts found in a graveyard.

DeathSpank is faced with a challenge like no other–he must reunite the mad geniuses and rekindle their love for one another as their family. Their agitation for one another is expressed in their name–the Nuclear Family is quite explosive when around one another. Eventually they realize that if they want to have a chance to defeat the villainous AntiSpank, and DeathSpank must find a way to conquer his challenges.

For more information on Hothead Games’ upcoming Indie title, The Baconing, please visit their official website.

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