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Published on July 14th, 2011 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

Behind the Scenes of Lara Croft’s E3 2011 Return

With a lot of skepticism, we all ventured on through the E3 demo of Lara Croft and followed as we watched the bold new look of Tomb Raider unfold. Many are still skeptical as to what the story line now holds, but also the methods of gameplay that are going to be introduced to the series.

Known as the “Turning Point” trailer, the on screen demo and video showcased not only what our more rugged and younger looking Lara was about to endure upon, but it also gave us some more insight on what exactly the development team at Crystal Dynamics was capable of. We are still quite a ways away from the release date at this point, so enjoy a taste of what we can expect from this very promising studio.

(Enter Age and Refresh to play)

*Tomb Raider is slated to release Autumn 2012.

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