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Published on July 8th, 2011 | by Derek Strickland, Contributor

Indie Game Summer Uprising Refines Entries to 25 Nominees

Exciting news in the Indies world today: the seasonal Indie Games Summer Uprising event has refined it’s quite considerable collection of entries into a list of best-of picks, and details have been announced as to how the community can vote for their favorites. This event gives gamers the chance to choose their personal top-picks, selecting from a wide variety of titles from many developers and genres of gaming.

Check out the official Press Release from the Indie Games Summer Uprising website below:

The Indie Games Summer Uprising list has been narrowed down from 70+ to just 25 this week. Starting Monday July 11th, developers will have the opportunity to select 8 picks to represent the platform in the Uprising. Voting closes on Sunday July 17th.

Developers are to vote on a variety of factors including: Marketability, originality, appearance, entertainment, music, and gameplay.

A 5 star rating system will be used, just as XBLIG tittles are rated on Live, and the 8 titles with the highest average score are selected in the promotion. A poll will be e-mailed to all XBLIG developers who have submitted candidates. Winners will be announced the following day, Monday July 18th on the IGSU home page.

The community still has the opportunity to voice their opinion as well! A fan vote will occur during the two week period of August 1st – August 15th on our dedicated Facebook page. Winners will be announced during the #IGSU Twitter chat, on Tuesday August 16th.

Fans will be voting on the two (2) titles they would most like to play, all 70+ candidates are still eligibile  and these two (2) title will be released on the final two days of the promotion: Thurs Sept 1st and Friday Sept 2nd.

Here are the 25 selections:

37 Days to Die

All The Bad Parts

AvaGlide 2

Battle High: San Bruno

Blossom Tales

Cell: Emergence

City Tuesday


Cute Things Dying Violently

Dirche Kart 2

Doom and Destiny

Dragons Vs. Spaceships

Katana Land

Mega Shooter 11: Ladies and powerups


Raven Throne

Redd: The Lost Temple

Speed Runner

T.E.C. 3001

Take Arms

The Jump Hero

The Hearts of Men

The Spirit of Kohn, Ep 1

Train Frontier Express


For a more browse-able list of these games check out the Top 25 page, and information on each game–trailers, screenshots, and a synopsis–can be found in the Games Index page of the IGSU website.

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