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Published on July 8th, 2011 | by Cameron Woolsey

Back to the Future: The Game Episode V – OUTATIME Review

Review Note: A copy of the game for PC was received for review purposes.

Marty and the Doc, erm, 1st Citizen Brown, have been through some rough times lately. In the final chapter of the Back to the Future: The Game series, Marty is under more pressure. Doc Brown’s new ego 1st Citizen Brown, realizing that science caused him a lifetime of misery, becomes an unlikely antagonist who plots against Marty to prevent his younger self, Emmett, from being hypnotized by science’s irresistible siren call.

It’s an interesting twist as Marty’s longtime friend does everything in his power to prevent Emmett from being the scientist he needs to be in order to fix the long-fractured timeline. Citizen Brown isn’t necessarily evil, per se, but he does go as far as kidnapping his younger self and storing him in a large metal ball underwater. Alright maybe it is a little villain-esque. Luckily he doesn’t have a mustache to twist or things could have gotten bad. No, that “Snidely Whiplash” role belonged to the infamous Kid Tannen now behind bars. This new and unexpected rivalry really upped the ante for me when it came to the storyline. With Citizen Brown’s betrayal, it becomes a lone Marty show, who must now outsmart his old friend and save both the Emmett of the past and of the future.

Marty eventually brings the Doc back around of course. But things don’t end just there. As soon as the Marty and Doc Brown find some much-needed normalcy, a new problem emerges and they rejoin forces to fix one final hiccup in the sensitive timeline.

For Marty and the Doc, things usually get worse before they get better ... before getting worse again.

The puzzles are once again easy to solve without much head scratching. Graphics are as bright and solid as ever, and the voice acting is once again superb. The fantastic cast duo of AJ LoCascio and Christopher Lloyd were joined by Michael J. Fox who finally played a part. It was great hearing Fox make a comeback to the series to play Marty’s great grandfather William McFly, a familiar-looking character who lends a hand near the end of the game. He also plays another character (or three) during the final moments but I won’t spoil the fun.

Final Truth:

Episode V: OUTATIME ended on a very solid note for me. My interest in the series fluctuated over the coarse of the five episodes but I felt pleased with the final effort as the credits began to scroll. Though the puzzles weren’t very interesting, the story for OUTATIME was definitely the highlight. It started out on an interesting note and ended in typical BttF fashion with everything, back to normal, timeline included and maybe even a little bit better for everyone involved.

[xrr label=”Rating: 8.5/10″ rating=8.5/10]

+ Strong finish to Telltale’s adventure through time
+ Superb voice acting
+ Clean, colorful graphics
Weak puzzles (again)

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