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Published on July 7th, 2011 | by Derek Strickland, Contributor

Moai Game Development Platform Now in Open Beta

Zipline Games today announced the opening of their Moai game development platform to the public.

Billed as the mobile platform for pro game developers, the Moai platform differentiates itself through its cloud based game services and rapid development of iOS and Android titles, all built in the industry standard Lua scripting language.

In addition to powering Crimson, the first title being released by Bungie Aerospace and developed by Harebrained Schemes, Moai also provides the downloadable content for the hit game Bubble Ball (by Nay Games), which has been downloaded by more than 10 million users.

During its closed beta, Moai garnered beta access requests from almost 700 game developers around the world.

“The Moai platform is helping us build a great game faster than we could have otherwise,” said Jordan Weisman of Harebrained Schemes, creator of Crimson. “It allows us to get our ideas on to multiple hardware platforms very quickly so we can play test them on the actual devices.”

“Moai’s cloud services are perfect for Bubble Ball’s new downloadable content,” added Robert Nay,President of Nay Games, “I get to write the cloud backend in Lua, the same language as Bubble Ball itself. Also, I don’t have to set up the servers and worry about them going down. It’s all done for me.”

“From day one we’ve been focused on creating a mobile platform powerful enough for the world’s top studios without the limitations of closed frameworks,” said Todd Hooper, CEO of Zipline Games.

“It’s been absolutely terrific to put Moai to the test with Jordan’s team on Crimson and with Nay Games on Bubble Ball. Every mobile game developer can now sign up for a Moai beta account and start using the same platform as these guys.”

The Moai platform offers mobile game developers a scalable cloud platform for game services,
downloadable content and persistent data storage.

Moai also includes a no-compromise, open-source SDK for developing iOS and Android games in Lua. Developers interested in Moai are encouraged to create a beta account today at www.GetMoai.com.

For more information on Bungie Aerospace please visit the official website.


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