Dead Block

Published on July 6th, 2011 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

Dead Block Launch Trailer

Release Date: XBLA July 6th, PSN July 20th
Platform: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
Price: 800 MS Points, USD $9.99

The first question you’ve got to ask yourself is “Do I like rock ‘n’ roll?” No, not your watered down band named after a shallow mixture of rain and dirt, or the sound of a band that is the 3rd door down on the left. I’m talking about 1950s rawk.

If you answered “yes” before this paragraph got too complicated, well then, on to the next question. “Do you like blowing up zombies with cheeseburger smart bombs?” Slap some cheese on that bun and considered yourself nominated for ‘most likely to combust’.

Players will have access to the 10 levels of regular gameplay, but also the co-op mode that will add an additional eight. It is great to see a digital title support a longer campaign, but also a strong sense of multiplayer. Jump in and guide Mike, Jack and Foxy to a zombie rock rebellion in order to simply stay alive.


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