Published on July 5th, 2011 | by Derek Strickland, Contributor

Awesome Indie “Lootfest” Released on XBLIG

Recently an impressive and awesome Xbox Indie title called Lootfest was released on the XBLIG Marketplace from the Independent XNA studio GameFarm. This game features an appealing action adventure release with the signature voxel-styled graphics that are quite similar to the graphics found in the enjoyable PlayStation 3 game 3D Dot Heroes.

Lootfest’s game elements are quite sparce with light action RPG elements–yet it’s missing a few features like attributes, EXP level-ups, and skills. It’s half sandbox dungeon-crawler sans dungeon in a more open-world environment. Players collect precious gold to buy items like tasty apple pies, weapon upgrades, shields, and even hawks and pigeons that use a unique mechanic that reveals the location of bosses and villages.

Fight a never-ending forever-spawning barrage of wildlife and enemies while collecting drops like gold, apples, and arrows to slay enemies at ranged distances. The game’s graphics and elements are sure to put this game among the best of Xbox Indies, yet it does need some work. Hopefully the developer will release more updates and patches to add a slew of new features like quests, more in-game weapons, and perhaps other mechanics that will make it into a more solid action RPG title.

Lootfest is available on the Xbox Live Indie Games Marketplace for 80 MSP ($1).

Try the FREE Demo today and check the game out for yourself, if you liked the early Zelda games and other dungeon-crawler roguelikes, you’ll most likely have a blast with this short but sweet Xbox Indie.

For more information on Lootfest and the Indie team that created it, GameFarm, please visit the developer’s official website or Follow them on Twitter for instant updates.

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