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Published on June 29th, 2011 | by Cameron Woolsey

Summer of Raptr Week 4: Win Battlefield 3

Gamers have been buzzing about Battlefield 3 for some time now. Everyone seems to want to get their hands on a copy and jump into the closest tank. Or plane, or helicopter or, well, you get my drift. Five lucky gamers will be able to get their hands on the game without dropping a single cent thanks to Raptr. On Week 4 of the Summer of Raptr Promotion, gamers can try to get lucky by winning a copy simply by following the Battlefield 3 page on the newly-redesigned

The rules are simple, sign up for Raptr’s new website, go to the Battlefield 3 page and click on “Follow.” Really, it’s that simple and your chances of getting a copy of Battlefield 3 for free will be much greater afterwards.

Official contest rules: Over $25,000 in Prizes in the Summer of Raptr Promotion
Battlefield 3 Page: Battlefield 3

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4 Responses to Summer of Raptr Week 4: Win Battlefield 3

  1. SgtVash says:

    BF3 Why wouldn’t any real gamer who knows the glory of destructible environments, vehicles, and balanced game play, want a copy of BF3. Especially if you follow the series and love it all.

  2. Dank Tank LV says:

    Best/most realistic first person shooter available! Squad playing beats the scurry scurry shoot game play of Duty, Duty is for children. Epic large maps, Give me BF3, Battlefield for life! You guys nail it everytime~! Cant wait for BF3… I pre-ordered Battlefield3 months ago, everyone should, but I’ll take it free sure, why not!

  3. China Death says:

    I WANT ONE !

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