Published on June 26th, 2011 | by Derek Strickland, Contributor

Earn & Win With Xbox Live Rewards

Many gamers have taken advantage of the Xbox Live Rewards promotional events over the years and have reaped rewards from Microsoft Points to amazing prizes like a free trip to E3 or the recent winner of the 10,000 MSP jackpot from the Gamer IQ Trivia Challenge.

Microsoft Points can be used to buy almost everything on the XBL Marketplace except Games On Demand. Choose from a full library of entertainment like XBLA titles, music, movies, or splurge on Avatar gear and customize your virtual persona.

Xbox Live Rewards offers a multitude of specials, promotions, and seasonal events that give back to Xbox Live Members in the form of MSP, contest prizes, and more.

There are also consistent savings and rewards like Monthly Surveys that net gamers 20 MSP for a few minutes of their of time, VIP Exclusive offers for loyal Xbox Live Gold members, or the Double Points June Promotion for all first Xbox Live Gold purchases or renewals that temporarily nets players 200 MSP.

The new Get Yours promotion shows off the winners of the past VIP Exclusives and the other events like the Gamer IQ Trivia Challenge and the Give a Gift and Win contests. Get Yours shows everyone what they could get with Xbox Live Rewards and these exciting contests and giveaways.

Below are grids with details on how to earn rewards and their respective reward values:

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For more information on Xbox Live Rewards, please visit the Program Info page for further details.

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