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Published on June 23rd, 2011 | by Derek Strickland, Contributor

New Crispy & Tasty Screenshots From “The Baconing”

“…if one were to be in possession of all six Thongs of Virtue, he must never, ever wear them all at the same time, otherwise they risk summoning an incredible self-evil.”

–Ancient Thongolith Myth

Hothead Games is at it again in the hilarious follow-up to the Deathspank series with The Baconing, a tasty slice of humorous action and adventure set in the land of Spanktopia. With new gameplay features, levels, characters, and the amusing storyline that gamers can expect from Hothead Games, The Bacoming is shaping up to be quite a mouth-watering, sizzling title.

Check out the new details and screenshots below:

Unaware of the myth of The Baconing, the hero DeathSpank, on a boring day in Spanktopia, decided to try on all of the undergarments at once.  Much to his surprise, the result had nothing to do with chafing or wedgies, but rather the summoning of an evil incarnation of himself, the AntiSpank.

Balance can only be restored to the world by entering the Fires of Bacon and destroying five of the thongs. Now, DeathSpank travels the lands to find the sizzling solution to vanquish the AntiSpank and bring about peace once again to Spanktopia.

With new environments, characters, weapons, and incredible suits of armor, The Baconing is a comical adventure like no other, filled with everything players have come to expect from Hothead Games, and more.

The Baconing will be released on PC, Mac, and other platforms this summer.


For more information on The Baconing and the studio that developed it, Hothead Games, please visit the official game website.

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