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Published on June 22nd, 2011 | by Derek Strickland, Contributor

Xbox Indie RPG “Vacant Skies” In Development

Forgotten Star Studios has been developing an interesting Xbox Indie title by the name of Vacant Skies, an action RPG title set in the vein of classic Final Fantasy games on early retro consoles like NES and SNES. These signature gameplay mechanics make Vacant Skies an appealing RPG release, especially since the Xbox Indies Role Playing genre is quite underpopulated and has only recently seen growth.

Vacant Skies was built on the Transmute system in XNA 4.0, and another RPG title has been built on this engine as well–the upcoming RPG and Dream.Build.Play 2011 entrant Last Age: The Broken Shadow from Zombie Monkey Games. Both games are examples of the engine’s robust features and offers a chance for developers to utilize resources created by other Xbox Indie programmers and dev teams.

Below are details on the RPG’s game mechanics and features:

A lone hero, champion of the gods, sets out to defat the demon lord Nemonyx before the very fabric of existance is destroyed.

A 2D Action RPG coming to Xbox 360 in 2011.


  • 2-D Action RPG
  • Full character customization
  • 5 Playable Character Classes
    • Knight – Hack and slash with your sword and shield, and unleash the devastating Berserk attack
    • Ranger – Fight from a distance with your bow, or sneak up on your foes to crush them with your Elemental Shot.
    • Magus – Shoot Magic Darts at your enemies, ward off their attacks with your magical barrier, or devour your foes with a burst of magic with your Elemental Burst.
    • Priest – Crush your foes with your Morning Star, or purify their wickedness with your Sanctuary.  Then draw upon your Holy Symbols to decimate those that are unholy.
    • Druid – Smash your enemies with your staff while they are entangled in your Creeping Vines.  And if any escape from your grasp, bring down Nature’s Fury upon them.
  • Expansive world with over 10 regions to explore
  • Immersive Story
  • In game Awards
  • Tons of quests to complete
  • Find Love, Get Married, and Raise a family
  • Tons of various armor and weapon choices

Overall this game looks to be pretty impressive with it’s aesthetics and expansive gameplay features for an Xbox Live Indie Game title. Rather than the classic turn-based mechanic that most RPG’s use, Vacant Skies will utilize real-time action based gameplay that will provide for a mixture of both action adventure and RPG elements. A release date hasn’t been set for this game–details are scarce and an official trailer has yet to be published as well.

As far as XBLIG’s go, Vacant Skies looks like it will raise the bar for what gamers expect from action RPG’s–with appealing graphics, a classic and expansive interface and HUD screen, and unique signature features, Vacant Skies may very well be a must-have Xbox Indie title.

For more information on Vacant Skies and the Independent XNA team that’s developing it, Forgotten Star Studios, please visit their official website.

Note: The screenshots and video below reflect early alpha builds of Vacant Skies and their aesthetics and gameplay dynamics may be altered may vary from the actual release build of the game. A few screenshots aren’t consistent with one another because the game is still in development and still being programmed and built.

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