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Published on June 22nd, 2011 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

PlayStation Home: Aurora Not to Bore Us in All This

Sitting down to watch a movie from the 80’s always makes me laugh. The view of the distant future placed us traveling outer space, driving hovering vehicles, and making great use of virtual reality. Most of the concepts, even in this day and age, are almost laughable. While it did take some time for virtual reality to really become a reality, the PlayStation Home has been slowly building steam on this concept.

Not too long ago, nDreams launched their floating virtual string of islands called Aurora. While I have taken a few journeys into the PlayStation Home, it was something that didn’t immediately grab my attention. Thoughts of what a cool concept it was and the interactions with others made me understand the impact that this could have on the rest of the VR world, inside a world. Wait….is this real? nDreams? I’ll just go with it I guess; hopefully there is storage of extra lives somewhere around here.

Apologies for the tangent, continuing on. Aurora has since racked up over one-million visits in the first six weeks, which it repeatedly boasts that it is “more than the Taj Mahal and the London Eye combined.”

“We’re very proud of Aurora and the success it has had so far. We certainly didn’t expect to have so many visitors in such a short timeframe. The space itself is still in a very early stage; we have so much more planned for Aurora, and we’ll be adding to it regularly. We’re huge proponents of virtual worlds and believe they offer a great way to escape from the stresses and strains of real-life without having to jump on a plane. And we believe that the next decade will see rapid growth in the number and the quality of virtual world experiences available online.” said nDreams CEO, Patrick O’Luanaigh.

One of the most unique things about the initial launch of Aurora was its Aurora War, which hosted a battle of over 300,000 players. The war brought various continents and countries to battle it out over games and events, but also named a champ.

nDreams and Sony will be offering up some goods as a part of their ‘Welcome Back Pack’. Orbrunner can be picked up by heading to the PlayStation Home in the PlayStation 3 menu.

Writing this article has already spike curiosity in my blood stream. Enough in fact even to set down my Xbox 360 controller and fire up my PlayStation 3.

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