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Published on June 20th, 2011 | by Cameron Woolsey

Binary Domain Story Trailer

It really wasn’t that long ago when I wrote my hands-on impressions of Binary Domain but when I did I made a mention at the end that the storyline could end up being a mixture of popular machine/human-themed movies and shows such as Bladerunner or Ghost in the Shell. After watching the latest trailer highlighting the story of the game, it looks like I wasn’t far off from hitting the mark.

The game features a story set in Tokyo 2080 where machines disguise themselves to be human. Their plan? What else but total domination. As soon as the machines fully integrated themselves into every facet of humanity, they struck out, decimating every fleshy meatbag they see. While I noted that the game felt generic gameplay-wise, the story could be interesting enough to support the game and help it rise above expectations. We shall see when it hits February 2012.

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