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Published on June 15th, 2011 | by Derek Strickland, Contributor

Indie Games Summer Uprising Confirmed for XBLIG

Exciting news in the XNA Community today: the Indie Games Summer Uprising event has been confirmed to take place in the upcoming months. This event was inspired from the success of the gala affair that came before it, the Indie Games Winter Uprising (IGWU) that featured many high-quality Xbox Indie titles and showcased them in an ongoing seasonal holiday event.

This year’s Indie Games Summer Uprising, or IGSU, has been led by Independent XNA developer Kris Steele of Fun Infused Games and Dave Voyles, a games journalist for Armless Octopus who has played a vital role in the XBLIG Community for years now. The IGSU is planned to bring critical acclaim and focus to XBLIG’s, and show the world that these games are more than “shovelware” and “zombie shooters”.

The Summer Uprising is planned to take place during August 22 and September 12, following the Summer of Arcade XBLA event and the Dream.Build.Play competition.

The official Indie Games Summer Uprising website goes on to tell more about the event:

The information is tentative at the moment, but we are inching closer to locking it all down, so here it is: We would like to release two titles each week starting Monday Aug 22nd – September 12th.

We currently have 14 titles in submission, and are eagerly seeking more. Other events around this time include Dream.Build.Play which has finalists announced on Monday Aug 22nd.

Microsoft has explicitly stated that DBP eligibility does not affect your options of when and how to release any of your titles. Microsoft has recently announced that their annual Summer of Arcade Promotion will begin Tuesday July 20nd as well.

Tentative schedule:

June 27th – Absolute last day for nominees.
July 4th – Voting begins.
July 18th – Voting ends.
August 1st – Ideally you’ll be submitting your game into peer review close to this date.
August 22nd – Promo begins

For a complete list of nominees that are currently planned for inclusion in the Indie Games Summer Uprising event please visit the official website for full details on how you can sign up and participate.

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