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Published on June 7th, 2011 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor


Live Blog from the E3 2011 Nintendo Press Conference

If you are reading this, then I am currently at the Nokia Theater getting ready to enjoy the Nintendo Press Conference at E3 2011 with you! Check out the live blog as it starts right down below in this post. I will be continuing to blog during the whole conference and be logged in to our twitter account for any questions that you may have. Follow us on Twitter @GAMINGtruth to ask me any questions as the conference goes on, or simply comment.

9:16 am

Good morning heathens! We will be on our way shortly on this lovely June morning for the Nintendo Press Conference. Talks of hardware and launch titles will definitely be on Nintendo’s dinner table discussion. What are you looking forward to most?

1:11 pm

EA announces partnership with Nintendo. Play calling through madden jumps to controller.

Battlefield to come to your Nintendo. Mobile social networks and web.

1:08 pm

Wow, Ninja Gaiden, Metro Last Light, an impressive lineup.

1:05 pm

Irrational games, THQ, Ubisoft, Disney Interactive, Darksiders II headed to WiiU, Assasins Creed, Arkham Assylum.

1:02 pm

New super Mario bros. Mii brings your mii character into your controller. Shield pose brings the interactivity to your controller. Wii remote and controller bring to styles of gameplay in 1 game. Shooters get a new scope. These prototypes to be on the floor.

12:57 pm

Super smash bros. to be released on the 3DS and WiiU

12:53 pm

Wii U will include zr, zl, speaker, camera, gyro, lb, rb and wasn’t designed to be portable.

12:51 pm

Wii U controller will have a 6.2 ” screen built in.

12:47 pm

Wii U, switch from TV to controller and back. Touch screen and innovative.

12:43 pm

When you first start the Pokedex 3D, there will be 16 registered. To complete it, you must swap content and scan AR content.

12:41 pm

Metal Gear Solid 3D, Resident Ecil: Revelations, Tekken 3D among upcoming titles to release on the 3DS

12:36 pm

Before the year is over we are going to finally get a built from scratch made for handheld 3D, truly 3D Mario title. This holiday season will bring us 5 titles that are exclusive to the Franchise.

12:31 pm

Mario Kart bringing customizations tothe table. Not only that, but the release into the air and into the water. Finally adding some great instances to the already fun to play racer.

12:25 pm

We are going to see something that will further change the gaming culture. Just as the Wii did, just as the Xbox 360 and Ps3 in driving the quality of gaming.

That is an epic but achievable goal, and if anyone can do it, this company can.

12:18 pm

It’s crazy the emotions that the live performances are driving. The symphony concerts look like they are going to be outselling a lot of places.

Especially when the music started up, the nostalgia immediately came back.

12:17 pm

Get ready for skyward Sword this holiday season? I think Yes. Plus the gold Zelda controller.

12:14 pm

Getting an item. Okay. Getting an item, wait getting an item :/

12:11 pm

Wow. Zelda. Inspiring, exciting, and simply wow.

12:03 pm

Well it’s 9:00 a.m. Pacific standard time and the room is buzzing with conversations. “I’m excited to see more super Mario bros.” which then lead to ” my fav. Is Super Mario 3″ then to how I used to tell my sister she was playing, but it was actually me.

11:56 am

There is a ton of people here though. Walking in I Street Passed about 50+ people. Now is the time to take on some find me, puzzle swap, and log those mii plaza peeps.

11:51 am

Just a pain trying to get the free Nintendo wi-fi to connect or login! Argh

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